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Every day you are responsible for managing crews of people, complex processes, and intricate systems. Blind spots in your data can be costly to your operations. No matter what you grow, from tomatoes to almonds to hydroponic lettuce, AgSquared delivers the outcomes you need in real time.
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Farm management tools

The tools you need for the outcomes you want.

Managing and paying your team has never been easier. Using our software you can log time and attendance, manage approval processes, run payroll, and stay compliant. Make entering time easy for your crews. Make pulling records easy for accounting. Make compliance a snap.

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AgSquared universally integrates with whatever payroll system you currently use. You can automatically allocate hours to the appropriate cost center, department code and much more.

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It is constantly on your mind. You need accurate data to keep accurate records in order to produce accurate reports. AgSquared’s farm management software keeps you prepared for any requests that come your way.

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Your employees will never have to worry about organizing and submitting paper forms again. They can access, fill out, and submit necessary forms on their phone or tablet making the task easy and convenient.

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AgSquared’s tools enable your team to use chemicals safely and effectively. Track pests and diseases, write recommendations or import them from a third-party system, make work orders, and more.

AgSquared chemical compliance screen
AgSquared chemical compliance data

AgSquared gives you the tools you need for full transparency and traceability to give you the outcomes you want.

AgSquared chemical application traceability table
AgSquared fertilizer application traceability table

AgSquared’s flexible work ordering system allows you to focus in on day-to-day tasks, or zoom out to see the big picture of a whole growing season. You can subdivide work orders into smaller tasks and assign them to crews and/or individual employees.

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AgSquared work orders table
AgSquared work orders table data

Staying compliant with REI and PHI rules has never been so simple. AgSquared makes it easy to plan and record your chemical applications, and ensures that employees are warned before they make mistakes.

AgSquared chemical application management screen

AgSquared’s customized dashboards give you accurate, real-time visibility into how much you can expect to harvest and when based on your planting and scouting records over the course of the season.

AgSquared harvest forecasting & management screen
AgSquared harvest forecasting & management legend
AgSquared harvest forecasting & management data
AgSquared harvest forecasting & management data

Take control of your inventory and streamline the purchasing and inventory process. AgSquared makes it simple to keep track of what you need, what you have, and what you’ve used to give you a real-time view of what’s in inventory.

AgSquared purchasing & inventory screen
AgSquared purchasing & inventory data
AgSquared purchasing & inventory data

AgSquared empowers your team to accurately track labor, inputs, and machinery use to give you a detailed cost of production by crop, variety, field, block, etc. Compare varieties, locations, and practices to find the best possible outcomes.

AgSquared production cost analysis screen
AgSquared production cost analysis screen, supplies cost
AgSquared production cost analysis screen, equipment costs

An accurate cost of production makes it easy to develop an accurate budget. Compare your actual costs against your budget in real time and organize your review by plantings, job type, or area of operation.

AgSquared budgeting screen
AgSquared budgeting screen table

AgSquared makes it easy to keep track of the work you do in each location. Assign a billing rate by the hour or acre to every job and generate invoices with just the push of a button.

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We help you move from unreliable paper-based systems to a dependable software system. Collect exact data right at the source and immediately see it reported in your dashboard. Make informed decisions for your business using the best data.

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Your employees can collect data for every aspect of your operation in our simple-to-use mobile app. Using the devices of your choice, they can have what they need right in their pockets.

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Use your data to improve your business. Customized dashboards transform your data into powerful tools allowing greater success with labor management, food safety, financial analytics and so much more.



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