Operational Management

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Our operations management software allows you to see all the details you need to manage your farm from your fingertips. You have real-time visibility into your entire day.
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Better data gives you better outcomes.

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Goal setting, tracking, compliance, and reporting on one streamlined platform.

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Work Orders

Using our software to manage your farm operations makes your job easier. Create work orders on the spot or schedule them a year in advance. Subdivide them into smaller tasks and assign them to your employees from your fingertips.

Work Tracking

AgSquared empowers employees to easily keep track of all of their work, including details of machinery and inputs used, so that you have a complete picture of your operations.

Chemical Application Management

Establish a seamless chemical application workflow including recommendations, work orders, and job tracking. When your employees track chemical applications, all label rules are automatically applied so that the rest of your team is alerted to REI and PHI restrictions. Easily produce chemical use reports and submit them to regulatory agencies as required.

Harvest Forecasting & Management

AgSquared’s customized dashboards give you accurate, real-time visibility into how much you can expect to harvest and when based on your planting and scouting records over the course of the season.

Purchasing & Inventory

Take control of your inventory and streamline the purchasing and inventory process. AgSquared makes it simple to keep track of what you need, what you have, and what you’ve used to give you a real-time view of what’s in inventory.

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Machinery Management

Machinery use data is automatically compiled from your team’s day-to-day operational records. Your shop employees can see in real time which equipment is due for routine maintenance or requires emergency service and can enter service tickets to keep track of all the work they do.


Use our software to manage day-to-day scouting operations and see the big picture in your custom dashboard. Empower your scouts to easily gather data on pests and diseases, water stress, harvest estimates, and any other measures that matter to your growing operations and your business.

Field History Reporting

AgSquared’s custom reporting tool ensures that, no matter how you want to review the operational history of a location, you can get your data with just one click.

Planting Planning & Management

Planting planning is a complex puzzle balancing space, time, and labor to get you the best outcome when harvest season comes around. AgSquared has a sophisticated set of tools to help you develop – and stick with – the best planting plan for your business.

Irrigation & Water Management

Track water stress and direct your irrigation resources to where they’re most needed with real-time scouting data. Easily track irrigation in each location so you have all data you need on your irrigation labor and your water use.

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Integrate your existing software tools with AgSquared to build the farm management ecosystem you need.

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