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Use AgSquared to grow your business. Make smarter financial decisions regarding labor, production, management, and budgeting with accurate data updated in real-time.
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Cost of Production Analysis

AgSquared empowers your team to accurately track labor, inputs, and machinery use to give you a detailed cost of production by crop, variety, field, block, etc. Compare varieties, locations, and practices to find the best possible outcomes.


An accurate cost of production makes it easy to develop an accurate budget. With AgSquared’s simple-to-use software tools, you can plan budgets a year in advance and compare your budget to the real cost of production, so you can make thoughtful decisions for your business.


AgSquared makes it easy to keep track of the work you do in each location. Assign a billing rate by the hour or acre to every job and generate invoices with just the push of a button.

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We Integrate With Countless Other Systems

Integrate your existing software tools with AgSquared to build the farm management ecosystem you need.

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