Better Data, Better Outcomes

Everything you do centers around your farming operations. AgSquared helps you fulfill your mission to run a more profitable, sustainable, and transparent farming business.
Information Collected
From the Source

Better data gives you better outcomes.

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One Platform,
Many Outcomes

Goal setting, tracking, compliance, and reporting on one streamlined platform.

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You Are
In Control

You decide who has access to what information.


Labor Management & Payroll

Manage labor tracking, approval processes, payroll and compliance with one unified platform.

Food Safety

Digitize all of your food safety and chemical label compliance record keeping and produce on-demand documentation whenever you need it.


Operational Management

Streamline the management of your day-to-day operations. Our software helps you with work orders, tracking jobs, managing machinery, documenting chemical applications, scouting, and harvest forecasting.


Gain a better understanding of your finances and take control of your budget. With AgSquared, you can complete cost-of-production analyses, budgeting, and billing from your dashboard.


Beyond the Basics

Customize AgSquared to fit the needs of your farming operation. We will get you the data you need at your fingertips in real-time.

We Integrate With Countless Other Systems

Integrate your existing software tools with AgSquared to build the farm management ecosystem you need.